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Watashi no Hero Academia


[Updated 1 Apr 2021] The End.

Demo: Finished

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  • All assets included in the game demo and future releases are not mine, and credits to the asset owners / websites are included in the game, under "About" page!
  • This is a fangame project made just for fun and I don't intend to actively make money from it. If you want to show your support for what I do, you can instead buy me a coffee!
  • My Hero Academia / Boku no Hero Academia ⓒ Horikoshi Kouhei


bnhaotomegame-1.0-mac.zip 43 MB
bnhaotomegame-1.0-pc.zip 59 MB
bnhaotomegame-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 48 MB
com.kkkatrin.bnhaotomegamedemo-100-universal-release.apk 62 MB

Install instructions

✅  WindowsMacLinux  ✅

⚠️  Android download is available, but the game is meant to be played on a computer in the first place. If you experience issues in Android, I can't help you ⚠️

🚫  iPhone and iPad are NOT SUPPORTED. Why?  🚫

  1. Windows:
    1. Unzip / Extract the file
    2. Open the folder that appeared after unzip process is done
    3. Double click on the Application / .exe file. The file name should be something like 'bnhaotomegame.exe'
  2. Mac / Linux:
    1. Unzip / Extract the file by double clicking the downloaded file
    2. Double click on the file that appeared after unzip process is done. The file name should be something like 'bnhaotomegame'
    3. If you receive error saying that the system can't open the app because the developer is unidentified, do this

Frequently Asked Questions

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can i upload it on youtube i link your page on video

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Delete romance and transform it into a open-world game.

me encanta es perfecto  sigue con este gran proyecto :3

I love it, it's perfect, continue with this great project :3


i can't tell if this game is going to come back with the recent updates, since i can't tell what they are for, out side of it just saying it has been updated recently. but i do hope that i to does come back





i love it!!!!!!! but...i hope you will finish the game soon!!you re so good keep it up!oh and im a little sad abuot you will dont finish this but its ok aniways i will love to see your next game!

I Love it Shoto Todoroki

I'm still having trouble downloading it keeps saying it "bnhaotomegame” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified."  What do i do?

cause windows or whatever your using is thinking its a virus or its not good for your device

Why is the game not working?!

What device are you playing on?


I created an account just to say that the game is so good and I really enjoyed the demo :) It is really a shame that you will not be working on it anymore but I'm happy that you are excited with your new projects. I wish you the best and I hope everything goes well because you are really talented :). Lots of love.


I do hate to bring this up, but because it's cancelled does this mean you are completely done with this or you are taking a break and doing small projects first then continuing this?


I can say that I'm 98% done with this project.

The leftover 2% is the possibility of me revisiting the MHA series and falling in love with it all over again, which might lead to this project being revisited also. But as of now it seems very unlikely that will happen, since I'm honestly having a lot of fun working on my other project. I ask for everyone's understanding and thank you in advance! :)


I understand completely and I am very happy that you are enjoying your other projects. I hope that you are safe in these hard times and thank you for replying to my message, have a great day, and please appreciate yourself as much as you can. I say that to everyone so I'm sorry if that sounds off.

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noooo please :( I was so happy when I discover your MHA game :( please don't stop :(


don't worry, it's completely understandable and I support your choice, I'm a little bit sad that this demo isn't gonna be a full game but happy that you're having fun with the other projects, take care and thanks for your work<3

hi my lord. Can we got a gender in this game pls? Its will be so cool :'


i soooo want this game to be fully out its soo good and i want it and this would be so so cute to see deku todo and boom boom boy (sorry my dude) try and get your love at once and in the end you have to pick one of them and you see a bit of the future and thennn it says the end soooooo yeah


A lo que veo en los comentarios se ve que el juego esta muy bueno: 3, pero saben como lo descargo o pongo en español: '' u como lo pongo en español: 'v si alguien sabe que me diga:' '>

Deleted 2 years ago
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Te queria informar que va en solo va a estar la demo ya que el juego se cancelo :C


I really loved the game, it is very well done and the responses of the characters are very realistic

 It's a shame that they don't follow him :( I hope that one day they will continue with the project

this is written with google translator, sorry if the message is misspelled

Realmente me encanto el juego, esta muy bien hecho y las respuestas de los personajes son muy realistas 

Es una lastima que no lo sigan:( ojala algun dia continuen con el proyecto

Deleted post

Sooo...no full version? But it has 3 of my anime boyfriends!

Porfa sigan el juego 🙏

When i checked🤳 to see if the finished version of this game is out i saw that the finished version is cancelled so that made my day worse so pls dont cancel

Por favor sigue con el juego, he estado buscando un juego así por mucho tiempo y tu lo traes, Muchas gracias 💕✨

Es super genial encerio muchas gracias, te doy todo mi apoyo, espero jugar la versión completa pronto, excelente trabajo 😍💕✨

Bellísimo espero con ansias que salga oficialmente eres genial al hacer este juego 😻👌👌✨

Wey esta buenisimo tu juego ,100 de 10 UwU.,estuve buscando por siglos un juego así y tu vienes y lo traes estoy agradecida contigo ,muchas gracias por traer este juego .tienes mi apoyo yespero que lo actualices pronto <3

Where can i get the full version bc i want it now


It's still not done, still on hold :))

ok i will be patient also thanks for telling

(1 edit)

I really like it! I always want to talk to Todoroki-kun UwU. Anyways, I'll be waiting to play the full version. Good work!!

acabo de jugar un poco, y literalmente DESCARGARLO HA SIDO UNA DE LAS MEJORES COSAS QUE HE PODIDO HACER EN MI VIDA, sigue así! tienes muchísimo talento para esto y espero que el juego completo salga pronto nwn, mando mucho apoyo y ojalá que llegues a mucho más

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where did you create the game? pls answer

i think its on unity


RenPy :)

Is the game finished or is it just the demo?


it's just a demo lol


even if it is a demo it was really fantastic! Of course we will have to wait a long time for the full game but i recommend it whit all my heart uwu

It is really great UuU


omgg its amazing the quality was great then the characters were just omg!!i hope this gets compleed it is a great gamee andd it would be so awesome if this gets completed(->o<-)



omigarshhh amazing!! make sure you take care of urself! <3 ive seen the great comments and hope that inspires you ot continue the game!! 


sHARING MY LOVE FOR THE GAME; gosh its literally amazing, I couldn't stop smiling the whole time! Loved the demo, hope your doing well btw <3

ive had this game for months and i love it!!!

thank you very much and i hope for you to finish the full game soon ! <3

omg i can't wait for the rest of the game to come out if author/creator-chan decide to continue :D 

gg dude gg

I love this game , i honestly think they should continue the game. Good work ^^

( ´・u・`)

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