Update - Feb 2023


First of all, I'd like to apologize for my long absence! I hope everyone's been doing okay and life has been good for you all. The whole team is wishing the best for your health and endeavors this new year!

Now, regarding this game... After a long while thinking about it, I personally have decided to not continue working on the VN. I don't really have any motivation left to do so, and I haven't been active in the P5 fandom for quite a while. I tried to pick it up but it felt more like a chore than a passion project now.

The good news is, some of the team members have expressed their desire to still continue with the game. The only issue is that they don't have knowledge of programming and I'm the only coder on the team. Considering this, I am more than willing to share the code with whoever is interested to take up my position as a coder/co-owner, in a sense... Provided that you have the knowledge and experience in developing a game before. So yes, the bottom line is: we're looking for a coder to help with the game!

Once you're accepted into the team, I will be adding you as a collaborator on the source code project of the base game and add you to the team's Discord server. You can then code the new scenes implemented by the writers and artists working on the game. Regarding publishing the updated game, you can do so on your own itch.io account! However, please note that 1) you won't be allowed to remove the existing credits and completed routes, 2) you'll be required to link this project page as the 'base game', and 3) you're not allowed to monetize this project.

If you think you want to give it a try, you can apply here.

We'll close the application in around 1 month and see where it goes from there! If we end up not getting a coder, then we will still post the unreleased scripts and CGs which hasn't been put into the game as a little goodbye treat.

Thank you for your support so far and have a good day!

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I would love to help on the game, but my programming skills are beginner level...


I made an account just to make this comment.

I'm sad that you're dropping the project, but I get why you did it HAHA, anyway thank you for the game c:

The things I actually wanted to ask about, if you could take the time to answer, are actually story-related lol

In case the unreleased scripts or finished game never come to light for whatever situation that could arise...

FIRST, about the harem jokes on Ren/Akira's route... was there ever an intention of adding like, a gag ending related to that? I just think that would've been hilarious lmao

AND LASTLY, about the World route with Goro and Ren/Akira, was that meant to be like, a poly relationship or a love triangle? Because I feel like that could work both ways, but I want to know what were your ideas!

Thank you for the game <3 take care!


Thank you. To answer your questions:

1. No, there was no plan to add a gag ending related to it.

2. In short - both.

I planned it to be a long route where you as the player meet Akechi and Akiren while they were younger, and then based on your choices there it would develop your 'personality' (like the sun/moon route), which will differentiate the way you can answer to certain situations when you were older. It was going to be a different plot altogether from canon. And your choices to solely favor one guy or treat them both equally will influence whether you're going down the 3P or PvP route.

Deleted post

Thank you for your kind words <3


Man, this makes me wish I knew how to code because I've always thought about doing something like this, but to help get one so good and already so loved going again would be its own kind of a creative service. But however things go, thank you for your work and your love to this and may all your future works bring you joy.

Thank you for your kind words <3


I just recently got into P5 again and found this-- I'm honestly unsure If its weird for me to be sad over this, considering I just found this but I'd like to say that since finding this game, It made me super happy to play a game where I could interact with my favourite characters and made me feel, even slightly closer to them than I would in the original games ^^ I'm super happy to be able to see the passion and care you (and the others!) put in the game regardless so, Thank you for making one small dot in a big big world the happiest little dot in that big big world. 


Thank you for your kind words <3


I made an account just to say this, but im really grateful for the time and effort you put into this VN. It was a major great roller coaster with lovely CGs and sprites that fit well with the dialouge. I am sad to see that your passion was lost, but im grateful that i got to experience this game when you had the passion in it. I hope another coder comes by to sweep this off my feet once again. Thank you for your passion projects! Cant wait to see what you have in store next <3 

Thank you for your kind words <3


I'm sad to see you dropping from the project, but very thankful for the work you did so far! I really enjoyed playing Akechi and Joker routes back in 2021 <3


Thank you! Fingers crossed we find a new coder soon so yall can have the other writers' routes <3


Well, I don't want to be THAT person, but i kinda also want to get it off my chest.

First, thanks to all of you in the team willing to still work on this project and carry it forward! As much as I loved P3 and wanted to try the next installments of the game, the lack of a female protagonist was a bit disappointing. I love the character dynamics in the P3 series, and I'm kind of sad they dropped the F!MC going forward. So seeing this game in a otome format really brings me back to memories and feelings of "What if..." had the game followed still with f!MC. You guys are champs!

I also want to thank Catherine for bringing life to a lot of games I followed and had the pleasure of playing: The hero academia, this persona 5, and the Genshin Impact one :) Your writing is wonderful and engaging, and I'm sad to see you also lost motivation for this one too....

Which brings me to the one thing I said at the start, this is not hate, but a perspective as a player and reader: This is your second time kinda dropping a game, first was with My hero academia, which was for the same reason as this one, you lost motivation for that one too, and maybe bc the scope was also a lot bigger. And honestly that's totally valid too, but...

I feel like at this point this may be a theme, and as a reader and someone engaging with those stories, it can be a bit frustrating. I would say that going forward it would be better if you considered really, really well if this is something I'm truly passionate about and can keep up the responsibility of. Two for me is a bit too many, and it does bring to the table, that if you have any future projects which are long term, "can I trust this creator to stick with it this time?"

This is not with bad intent, and I'm not trying to impose on you, I'm just trying to bring my concerns to the table, and you can consider them if you want, or totally ignore me, that's fine too.

I don't know if how i phrased this can come across as harsh or impolite, which is not my intention. I'm just a really socially awkward individual who doesn't really interact much, even inside the fandoms i follow, so if anyone gets hurt by something i said here, i deeply apologize.

Lastly, I hope everyone stays healthy and well, and best of wishes in future projects and for anyone taking the programming job on!


I get the frustration, I really do. I too am a reader and at foremost a player. I too have my experience of getting disappointed in canceled projects - and not just for free projects too. I've had my share of pledging for PAID projects and in the end, they got canceled.

You do have the right to be frustrated.

But I'm sorry to say that you don't have the right to tell someone not to do a project unless they can finish them, especially if they're doing it for free.

I have my own life and interests, and they will change. Can you predict how long you can stay interested in one fandom/series? You can't. And I think personally I was in the P5 fandom for quite long compared to others. Including project planning and setting things up, I worked on this game for a full one year in the background before the very first devlog in my free time. If you add the time after that that I spent, it adds up to almost two years. A lot of things change in two years.

I am but a simple human being trying to find a creative outlet and wanting to share my passions about something, as fleeting as it may look for some people. And I'm not even asking for any remunerations whatsoever for the free time I willingly put into it. I am not a content machine. You can call me unprofessional if you'd like - I am not a professional developer afterall. If you don't like my style as a creator and can't 'trust' me then feel free to find others.


Nah, the person you're responding to is right. What you're not considering is that even despite the fact that this isn't a job, you're still working with other people - other people who are clearly still eager to work on this. You're letting them down too, and if the only update we've gotten about this in over a year is you saying 'yeah, I don't care anymore lol', I can't imagine how they must be feeling, tbh. I'm sure they're cool with it to your face, because what can they do? But I know my ass would be chapped if the leader of a project I'd put years of work into suddenly let me know the whole thing was being scrapped because they 'didn't care about it anymore'.

Just because this is not a full-time job does not mean your actions can't be unprofessional, because professionalism exists outside of a paid career. You've made a paper trail of unreliability within your fandom work with both your coworkers and your fans. That is something that can happen despite this - and your other works - being free fanmade projects. That isn't hard to understand. 

Either don't blindly expect other people's undying support even when you can't keep a project you know is going to expend a lot of time and a lot of effort going, or stop working on long-haul fandom-specific projects altogether. It's really that simple. You can't have your cake and eat it too.


Don't tell others what to do. As a game creator, they have the right to make whatever they like. If others don't like it, then they can feel free to not play it, not engage with it, and not support it. 


how is me looking for a coder to replace me equates to "yeah i don't care anymore lol"? and i think you shouldn't put words into people's mouths. my "coworkers" (i hate that term because it implies that they're doing this as a job, which they are not) are free to quit anytime and i would not hold them responsible. regarding them 'putting years into work for a project' - i'm sorry to say this but most of the work was done by me. i started the game from scratch, alone. i'm the one who coded the whole entirety of the game. i'm the one who wrote two completed routes so far. i'm the one who manages the itch.io page. you want to talk about "wasted effort"? i'm the one whose efforts are most "wasted" most by  quitting this project.

"paper trail of unreliability within your fandom work" ah yes, because fandom work is supposed to be a full time thing, because once you get into a fandom you can't leave it until you finish all your wips and projects. of course. /s

you're basically saying if you crochet socks for a hobby and have been giving them out to people for free, you're not allowed to stop and start exploring other items to crochet. do you realize how ridiculous that sounds? that's because it is, and that's the base of your argument, which is flabbergasting to me. you enjoyed the content for free, sweetie. take it or leave it.

i never expect people's undying support on my projects. i never begged for it, never asked any compensations whatsoever. if you don't want to play unfinished games then don't. it's really that simple.

feel free to unfollow if you do not agree. i don't think i will ever change my mind about this. i've been a content creator for years and i stand by my belief that creators do not owe you shit when you're given things for no cost, at the cost of their free time.

have a good day.

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Hey, I just want to say that as a female myself at first I wasn't too motivated to play P4 and P5, but was hooked once I got my hands on them. P3 is still my favorite game for obvious reasons, but the story, characters are done well, especially the social life sim elements that no other game series comes even close. It's just that right now, male audience still dominates video games so they aren't sure if enough females will want to play to be worth the additional investment. Akechi has become one of my most favorite characters from anything ever, and really I do feel sad that the game won't let you romance him, but the game overall is still a gem that made me feel many emotions. I think it's such a pity to miss out on.


To be completely honest, I'm a bit sad that this is how your affiliation with this project ends, but I guess it was a long time coming. Losing motivation and moving on to different things is inevitable, so don't feel bad about it.

I really loved your writing in both Joker's and Akechi's moon routes, just look at my comments lol, and will forever wonder what the joined "the world" (I think that's what you called it) route could have been. If you don't mind sharing, did you have any plot ideas regarding it?

It's a shame the game never gained much real traction, although more and more people have been playing it over the past year, as the persona fandom is quite big and you covered a wide variety of characters/personalities. I will continue rooting for this project; here's hoping a new coder comes along soon!


Thank you for your kind words. I always end up going back to your comment and ended up reading through them, it's one of my treasures!! I do have a few drafts and ideas, which I will release when I get the time to create a post about them. Fingers crossed we find a new coder soon, yes!


omg! i truly understand, but thank you so so much for making this game and it personally got me into Persona 5 in the first place! Manifesting a new coder but we will never forget you working on this game in the first place. Thank you so so much for informing us!


That's awesome, you got into P5 because of this game?? Ahhh thank you for checking the game out in the first place and I hope you enjoyed the original P5 game too! <3